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Let’s face it–there are a lot of different programs in the marketplace you can use to illustrate the value of IUL (Indexed Universal Life) insurance. Unfortunately, every software program we’ve seen that compares IUL to mutual funds or to tax-deferred plans like 401(k) plans is either inaccurate or woefully inaccurate. Using either one can get you sued. In addition, most software is clunky and hard to use. The OnPointe software is very easy to use.

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Part I) Compare after-tax investing to Cash Value Life Insurance

One of the age-old questions in the insurance business is whether after-tax investing (mutual funds) to grow wealth or cash value life insurance makes more sense for a client.  While proper asset allocation is always the key, you can in a mathematical manner very simply determine the answer (and many times CVL insurance is a better and more secure wealth-building tool).

Part II) Compare tax-deferred 401(k) Plan Contributions to Cash Value Life Insurance

One of the other age-old questions in the life insurance business is whether funding tax-deferred qualified plans is a better idea than funding CVL insurance after tax.  The answer, of course, is that it depends; but for many clients, funding CVL insurance will be a better, more tax efficient, and a more protective way to build wealth.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)-while the new IUL Comparison Software has all the detailed numbers, it also has two KISS charts for clients to see the benefits of using IUL as a tool to grow wealth.

This following charts are from an example client who is 50-years old, funds $35,000 a year into an IUL until age, 65 and then borrows from the policy until age 90 vs. funding and withdrawing from a brokerage account for the same periods.

The 1st chart shows the after-tax cash flow comparison ($83,759 tax-free each year from the IUL vs. $48,451 after all costs from the brokerage account). The 2nd chart shows the value that would be passed after-tax to the heir in any given year.

Expense Comparison

The OnPointe IUL Software compares the total expenses of an IUL to growing wealth in a brokerage account or a 401(k) plan. Total expenses from day one until the last day of withdrawals (age 50-90):

-IUL– $229,987
-Brokerage account–$373,336

Most advisors do not know these numbers and will find them surprising. Most clients will think growing wealth in an IUL Is more expensive than growing wealth in a brokerage account or 401(k) plan.

The bottom line with the new software is that it’s the most accurate and real world in the industry, it’s easy to use, and it’s the best tool out there to communicate the value of IUL to clients.

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